Rangers 2009 – Spetsnaz Debriefing

24 08 2009

This is the Spetsnaz Report of Rangers 2009.

It is a long paper that only scratches the surface of what we did. (In English)

Photos of team



Message from Spetsnaz Commander of Rangers09

12 08 2009

I would like to thank all of you for coming to the game, I believe that we accomplished our mission with success and had some fun in the process.

Excuse me if I showed some rudeness but I only had the best intentions and no trigger happy isaf can say he caught us off-guard.

No Spetsnaz was ever captured, surrendered or ran. We always fought to the very last man with tenacity and honour.

All of you did his best and the outcome is clear.

My brothers I salute you and miss you already.

We are Spetsnaz!