Spetsnaz leaving for RANGERS 2009

30 07 2009

Spetsnaz -Azores is leaving for Airsoft milsim Event Rangers 2009 to represent Azores at its best!
1st of august we will leave to the mainland (Lisbon) to have vacations before the event

The operatives that will be present in this missions representing SPETSNAZ with the participation of 2 ops. from local teams will be:

Spetsnaz Azores:
-Cpt.  PX aka Pedro Costa
-Lt.  Widowmaker aka Luis Costa
-Sgt.  TheBUG aka Rodrigo Ferreira
-Sgt.  Sailsman aka Tiago Carvalho

RAT- Rebel airsoft team
-Pvt. Bulldog

Blackwater Contractors:
-Pvt.  Bulldozer aka Pedro Pavão

Still many of our brave spetsnaz will stay at base camp due to various problems.

Comrads!!!!! HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH!!!!!!!